Share the restorative power of nature in serenity and unparalleled 5-star hospitality.

The way how we feel it

Havens of outstanding STYLE with a dash of blue, blue SEA, where you are FREE to be just YOU, to get your skin be kissed by the SUN or just to CHILL OUT and let the time GO.

Vaya Beach Resort

Discover your HOME away from the everyday hustle. A naturally inspiring setting in HARMONY and LOVE with the landscape, Vaya Beach Resort represents a mix of 36 enchanting VILLAS, each individually designed to maximise the alluring VIEWS of the surrounding GOLDEN Irakli bay, its VIRGIN forest and legendary Cape Emine mountains.

Relish the variety of our CULINARY destination, where each 5 resort restaurants & bars is defined by its own distinct concept, energy and FLAVOUR.

Unveil head-to-toe PAMPERING at Oma spa, where bespoke treatments and EXPERT therapists await you. Tailored made rituals – immersive and HOLISTIC, stress relieving massages and cosmetic beautification in exclusive, refined settings and TRANQUILITY.

Cherish the moments of FREEDOM, be free in your own private VILLA world, be free to get closer to NATURE, to stare up at a canopy of STARS.

Your stylish choice for a RECHARGING beach vacation, a weekend ESCAPE from the urban lifestyle, a holistic retreat to RESTORE your body and soul or a private CELEBRATION with family and friends.


A hidden gem on the vivid Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, Vaya Beach Resort rests: